Listing photos that are contributed from Explorers and Listing Managers are an important part of the Little Wild Ones Collective. Pictures help parents decide if a property is right for their families. Most of the time, photos are the most accurate and helpful assets that we can provide to Explorers in order for the to decide to visit a location. However, if there is an instance where a photo should not be on a listing, we are happy to remove it. Situations in which we would be willing to remove a photo include:

  • Duplicate Photo
  • Bad Quality Photo
  • Photo is of the wrong location or property
  • The photographed activity or amenities is no longer offered
  • It’s a photo of yourself that you do not want on The Little Wild Ones Collective
  • The photo is offensive or of sensitive content

To report a problem with a photo in one of our listings, please contact with the listing name, detailed description of the photo and the reason you would like it removed. We will manually review the photo. If upon review, there is not a clear reason to remove the photo in line with the reasons above, we will keep the photo on the listing. If it makes sense to remove the photo, we will take it down immediately.