Your review of each Scout Assignment should be broken up into three parts:

Written Review:

Your stories and photos will shape how someone views a Little Wild Ones Collective listing, so tell an engaging one. Tell us about your trip and the activities that you did there. What were your favorite parts? This should be a story about your visit. Please refrain from including details about the location like directions and bathroom access – those will be included elsewhere.

This review will be published in the journal along with your bio.


The email you receive after claiming your assignment will include a link to where you can fill out a questionnaire for the property. You’ll need to know things like handicap accessibility, bathroom access, stroller access, amenities & the activities to do at the location so keep notes when you visit to refer to when you return.

It’s always a good idea to look over the list of questions prior to scouting your location to make sure you don’t miss anything.

This questionnaire is what we use to create the listing in our directory.


You’ll need to include a minimum of 10 photos for each location, but more is always better! (We prefer to see between 15-20 photos per assignment).

Your photos will shape how someone views a Little Wild Ones Collective listing, so tell an engaging story with them. This could include photos of your family playing on the beach, exploring a nearby hiking trail or relaxing in the hot pots while watching the sun set.

We ask that you always include these 3 types of shots:

Zoomed Out Shot of Location: A museum, a resort, a water park, etc. If possible, we would prefer as little people in the frame as possible. Please take this photo horizontally.

Surrounding Landscape or Amenities: What you take photos of will vary by location, but try to answer questions that others would want to know about the location when deciding where to go. At a zip line in the forrest? Take a photo of the views and the surrounding forrest! At a local pool? Take photos of the high dives, splash pads or waterslides!

People & Activities: We want your photos to tell a story. Maybe that story is kids playing in the pool while mom & dad relax in the pool chairs. Or maybe it’s a family exploring nature on a hike. No story is too small, but we ask that you highlight the location at the same time. For instance, we aren’t looking for a close up of a pinecone your daughter found on the hike, we want a photo of your family searching for pinecones in a forrest full of trees.