Providing feedback is just as important as taking photos, especially since you could be the first Little Wild Ones representative to experience a new location.

Negative feedback

If you have concerns about the safety, accuracy, or quality of a listing, please message as soon as you get a chance so we can resolve those issues with the location manager if appropriate. Any suggestions on how to mitigate these concerns are also welcome.

If you have constructive criticism that you think the┬ámanager of the location would like to hear, you can pass it along in the “private feedback” section of your review questionnaire. You can also include constructive feedback by leaving a review on the listing itself – but please keep the feedback constructive. The Little Wild Ones Collective is a positive and uplifting community and we want to keep it that way!

Positive feedback

If you’ve got constructive, positive feedback for a location we encourage you to leave a public review on the locations listing!