Technically, no! That being said, we want to emphasize the importance of quality over quantity. We also have a rule that you complete your review within 7 days of claiming it. Along with your 50%-discount, you’re expected to uphold the First Camper Club Pledge:

  • My review, recommendation, photos & feedback will be thorough, honest & helpful.
  • I’ll let the Little Wild Ones Collective know if I think it isn’t a good fit for the community.
  • I will uphold the Little Wild Ones Collectives values, #LeaveItBetter, and have fun.

If you do not complete all trip deliverables (Host feedback, review, recommendation, 5 photos) within 7 days of your location being accepted, your status will be removed. We welcome visiting multiple locations, but want to emphasize that you must complete all trip deliverables within the grace period to remain in the program.