We have a few guidelines for listing on the Little Wild Ones Collective to make sure our Explorers have the experience and adventure we promise them. We ask that all Little Wild Ones Location Managers review and comply with these guidelines before starting a listing.


We love that you want to share your favorite adventures with the Little Wild Ones Community! While we do not expect that every activity is going to be appropriate for all age groups, we simply ask that you designate in your listing the specific age the adventure is appropriate for. If there are any age or height restrictions – please make sure they are clearly stated in your listing.


Our readers love getting all the details when it comes to your attraction, so we ask that you provide as much information as possible. We understand that a lot of attractions have a variety of activities geared towards various age groups – so please include as much of that information as possible in your listing. If there are any age or height restrictions to enter your attraction – please make sure they are clearly stated in your listing.


Have a restaurant that you’re interested in sharing? Awesome! We do ask that you only add your restaurant if you cater to kids under the age of 12 – meaning you must provide a kids menu and have highchairs on site. We also ask that you do not list your restaurant if you are a part of a large chain. We are looking for unique places for our community to explore.


Do you manage a shopping center that you think would be perfect for the Little Wild Ones Community? We love hearing about new areas to explore and have fun with our families! If you are in a permanent location, please only include your property if in addition to stores you offer a play area for kids (a playground, park or splash pad are all great!). If you offer any kind of kids activities or events we would love it if you would include the information for those in your listing.

If you are a farmers market or other moving market, please make sure to mark your listing as seasonal and include the information as to the general time frame of your event in your listing!

Hotels & Resorts

Our site was created to provide PARENTS with adventures, activities and locations that are family-friendly. This not only means that your location must accept children, but that it embraces them. Your hotel must have some type of safe portable cribs for guests with little ones not old enough to sleep in beds. We prefer locations that have activities onsite that are geared towards children, be that a swimming pool or a playground. Please do not list your location if you are unable to accommodate families with young children.

One-Time Events

We love hearing about local events and festivals, but our site currently does not support event type listings. If you have a permanent location – please include the event information in your regular location listing, then promptly take the information down once the event has passed.

If you are a festival or farmers market that regularly goes to the same location, we welcome your listing, but please make sure to mark your listing as seasonal.

For more information, you can view our Property Standards page here, or click here to start your free listing if you’re a fit!