Creating Your First Listing

  1. Go to: and select the plan that fits your needs. You can always upgrade/downgrade later if you’re unsure.
  2. Fill out the form as accurately and completely as possible. You can always go back in and add or edit things later if you need to.
    • Listing Title: This is the title of your location or property. Try to keep it simple (between 3-4 words) and to the point.
    • City: We have our locations separated into counties. Select the county your location is in.
    • Phone: If you have a business phone that you don’t mind the public calling to ask questions, include it here. Otherwise, leave it blank.
    • Google Address: You can either put in the physical address, or use GPS coordinates to add your location information.
    • Hours: You can add your hours for each day of the week. Or if your location is open 24/7, check the box next to 24 hours.
    • Category: Select the primary category for your listing. If you listing has multiple activities/categories send us a message
    • Age Restrictions: Please enter any age restrictions and details for your location.
    • Skill Level: If your location requires a certain level of skill to participate, you can select it here. If it doesn’t apply, leave it blank.
    • Select Currency: You can choose between Inexpensive (typically under $20 per person), Moderate ($20 – $100 per person), Pricey ($100-$300 per person), Ultra High ($300 + per person).
    • Price: You can include the specific range to add additional details for your listing. If you have a set price, put it in the “Price From” field and leave the “Price To” field blank.
    • Description: Include any highlights of your location in the description field. We recommend putting the main attractions at the top of the description box. What are the main things that a person visiting your property will not want to miss? Then add Additional Highlights (things that visitors with more time or who want to wander around the area might want to see) underneath.
    • FAQ’s: We ask that you include 2 FAQ’s with everything listing:
      1. Handicap & Stroller Access: Please include as many details as possible on what kind of services you offer people with disabilities. Please also include information on the ability to bring and use a stroller at your location. What type of terrain should visitors expect? Do you have paved walkways or gravel? Do you rent strollers on site?
      2. Bathroom Access: Please include information on whether or not there are bathrooms on site or somewhere nearby. If there are no bathrooms, please indicate that.
    • Images: Please include at least one horizontal image sized to 1000 x 550 px as your featured image. Any additional images can be added as a gallery to your post by contacting
  3. Click “Listing Preview” then click “Save” to publish your listing.

If you have any questions about adding your listing or the services we offer, please reach out any time!