Maintaining a good relationship with our Partners is greatly important to us as a company, but we want to see you thrive on our platform. Here’s a few ideas on how you can create the best experience for Little Wild Ones Families who come to visit your property or are looking to interact with your company.

Be responsive

Help us create a good experience for Explorers by responding to requests and inquiries within 24 hours. Families are excited and looking forward to visiting your property, but  it creates a bad experience for them when they don’t hear back from you.

If you frequently get asked the same question, you can always add an additional FAQ to your listing to help you provide the information more easily.

Maintain good ratings

By helping create a stress-free experience for families visiting your location, you’ll almost always get great ratings. If the Explorer didn’t have a stellar time, address their concerns directly to make sure you can learn from this for the next time.

You can also respond to Explorer reviews! Learn some tips on how to best respond to reviews here.

Make sure your listing is accurate

Attract the perfect Explorers for your location by ensuring your listing details are accurate and expectations are set. This means directions are detailed and correct, photos are representative of the activities Explorers can expect to do there, the description accurately sets expectations, and the amenities you offer will be available during their stay. Make sure to include details such as stroller access, bathrooms and age restrictions so families can know in advance if the location will meet their needs.

Respect our community

When interacting with Explorers, other locations and location managers, and the Little Wild Ones Collective staff, treat everyone with respect and compassion. One of our core values is to leave it better, and we expect you to embody this value by having a positive impact on anyone you meet while on your journey as a Location Manager.

The Little Wild Ones Community is an inclusive community, meaning that we believe that diversity is strength and we expect you to accommodate all Explorer Families regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political view, religion or culture. All should feel welcome and safe on your property. If you do not feel that you can meet this requirement for any reason – please contact us so we can remove your listing immediately.

Market your listing outside of the Little Wild Ones Collective

We want you to share your Little Wild Ones listing in as many places as possible, so that you can spread the word and get more visitors! Some ideas are to post your listing on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

We’re excited to have you as a Little Wild Ones Listing Manager! Read more on our Host Standards here.