Writing captions for photos paints a more complete picture for future explorers. We ask that you write captions for the majority of the photos you upload – especially the ones where it might not be immediately obvious what the viewer is looking at.

How to Write a Good Caption

We recommend bringing something to take notes with on your Scout trips so you can keep your thoughts organized and make sure you don’t forget things.

Here are a few tips on writing the best captions possible:

  • Specify what the viewer is looking at.
  • Include where the photo was taken at the location (or nearby) Is it a river around the corner? Or the most iconic ride at the amusement park?
  • Provide tips to future explorers (“this is a great place to hang out and wait for the sun to go down!”).

Please do not encourage any illegal or disrespectful behaviors (like sneaking through a back entrance to a resort to avoid paying, for example.)

We might share your captions on Little Wild Ones social channels

When we share one of your photos on Little Wild Ones Collective’s social channels, like Instagram¬†and Facebook, we’ll often pull the caption to go along with it and shout out to your social handle.